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He can hear Steve shouting through the wall.

Sequestered in his own clinic room, bleeding stemmed and consciousness returned, Jason could go. He's tucked under white sheets, not bound, hooked to a single monitor. Concussed, not dead, and even wounded he could be out of the Compound in seconds.

For the third time in his life, Jason's too afraid to move.

He's never heard Steve so much as raise his voice, never seen him afraid, but muddled though his memory is after being brained by the shield, Jason now recognizes that tightness in Steve's earlier expression as fear.

His view of the ceiling blurs and clears, blurs again, tears sliding in a steady stream down Jason's cheeks. If Steve's afraid, and Steve's angry...

Bucky might be too far gone. Jason had fought his way through a Soviet compound, unarmed and unaided save for what help an injured Bucky could give. But he can't save him from conditioning in his own head. Bucky told him once that the Winter Soldier was a ghost, so untraceably deadly that he was more myth than man. Tabula Rasa can't afford a threat like that. And Steve's afraid.

With a small, helpless sound, Jason closes his eyes. The tears keep coming.


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