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Name:Jason Todd
Jason Todd is a young man of seventeen, though he looks much older, and his blue eyes are anything but young. He is tall and well muscled like a gymnast, with dark hair and a disarming smile.

He exited his canon at the end of the Batman comics arc Under the Hood.

Jason arrived on the island with:
- 1 leather jacket
- 1 pair black briefs
- 1 pair dark blue jeans
- 1 handgun
- 2 grenades
- 4 batarangs, whole
- 1 batarang, broken
- 1 grapple gun
- 1 dagger
- 1 lockpick
- 1 set of keys to a motorcyle
- 1 pair boots
- 1 lock of green hair
- 1 domino mask, red
- 1 pair gauntlets to hold weapons
- 1 tube spirit gum
- 1 dagger

I am neither Jason Todd nor Matt Cohen. Jason is property of DCU and Matt is the property of his lovely fiance. This journal is for roleplaying at [info]the_blank_slate and no profit is being made from it.

Interests (4):

the baby bird, the bat, the blue bird, the joker
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