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A day later, Jason's learned enough of his new power to keep control, at least to the point that he won't hurt anyone by accident. Gone is the fear of yesterday, and in its place is a delirious kind of purpose, the power in Jason so raw, so unchecked, and as of yet unwielded against an appropriately worthy foe.

He could bring down buildings if he wanted to, and not by blowing himself through him. He could pull down trees, scream holes in the fucking mountainside. He can shout so loud he can lift himself from the ground and keep going, but it's not to the neighborhoods Jason goes, or to mountain peaks, or to freedom on the winds. He plunges himself into the deeper parts of the forest, climbing towards the water tower and to the monstrosity that lies within its shadow.

The enormous golden horn, shining dimly in the dappled sun, beautiful and terrible, dented by steel and arrows and desperate hands. Katniss' Cornucopia. Jason hates it almost as much as she does.

He stares at it, reaching for old staples, for the anger inside him that's always raging so near to the surface. Rarely has he had the opportunity to let it out, and even more rarely on so worthy a goal. So intent is he on the horn, on its golden bow and hateful arch, that Jason hardly notices when he's no longer alone.

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She's been flying for ten minutes now, really flying, though it's not smooth or seamless at all. Her wings beat in a jerky pattern, sending her dipping up and down at various intervals. It's not easy, and she has to concentrate on it, but the mercy is having something at all to do so. Up and down, up and down. Steady flaps. Katniss isn't afraid of falling.

It's the fire in her breath that scares her the most. Being so close to that sort of heat again only brings back memories of being burned, and the agony that had followed. So much pain that it had driven her delirious.

As usual, she heads to the forest first, flying over the dark expanse of trees that makes her feel oddly at ease. The Cornucopia is a different story, and what's even stranger is that it looks like there's someone standing in front of it. Katniss dips her wings down, trying to aim for a gentle landing, but it doesn't quite work like that. It's too much velocity, much too fast, especially for a body that isn't used to it.

She slams into the ground and tumbles in the dirt, just managing to remember to tuck her arms and legs in. Winded and aching, Katniss reminds herself that she's felt worse before. Back pressed against the ground, her head turns to see exactly who it is. "Jason?" she croaks, hoarse and not wanting to get up just yet. Taking a few more seconds to catch her breath. "What are you doing here?"

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Her head is still spinning from her landing, and at first she feels like she misheard him somehow. Destroy the Cornucopia? How could he do something like that? Unless he wasn't the only one who had woken up a little bit different this morning. Katniss rises to her feet as gracefully as she can given the situation, surreptitiously moving her joints to see if anything was broken. Her shoulder was sore, but she could move it, which Katniss took as a good sign.

She looks at it, the great ugly thing that was stained with the blood of 10 tributes. Or had it been 12 that had died in the first hour? These were details Katniss had once been sure she would never forget.
Looking at it brings a sick feeling to her stomach, and after a moment, she nods.

"Do it. But I - I'm breathing fire, Jason," it's terifying. She's stayed away from the element for the longest time, not even able to cook her own food for a while. Facing this fear would take courage that Katniss doesn't think she has.

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The Girl on Fire. Once, Katniss had thought that it was a cruel joke, the gamemaker's way of being ironic. After all, it only served to remind her of that moment in the Capitol, watching her sister engulfed in flames. But somehow, Jason makes her want to believe him. Something that makes her want to trust him, and that's rare for a girl who had previously given up on the human race as a whole. Or maybe it's because she can feel his excitement thrumming through her, vibrating her hands to the bone.

It didn't hurt me, she thinks, briefly. It hurt her. But if there's one thing she's tired of, it's being afraid.

She takes a deep breath and feels the heat at the back of her throat, her heart pounding like a metal drum. And then she releases it; just a wisp of flame, enough to warm his fingers against her chest.

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Katniss feels chapped lips against her cheek, rough hands in hers and can't help but think that Jason's attitude right now was infectious. She's spent her whole life being pushed around by other people; even in the rebellion she had been nothing more than a pawn to serve other people's agendas. This? This makes her feel like she has any sort of power. Almost as if anything she ever did in Panem made any sort of difference.

It feels unstoppable. And it's this sort of naive idealism that she thought shed gotten rid of ages ago, if she had ever had it at all.

There's so much blood staining the gold that looking at it makes her feel sick, brings back all the times she wished she could break it to bits but never had the power to. "Throw it into the sea. The blood shouldn't be washed off." she looks at him, hands squeezing tight. "You break it. I'll melt it."

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It's as loud as a bomb.

That's the first thing Katniss thinks, as the sheer noise is enough to make her teeth rattle in her jaw, to make her ears ache even with her fingers stuffed into them. She remembers the last time she'd heard something this loud, and how it had deafened her in one ear. It had felt like being blind, and in response to that memory, clutches her hands tighter to her head.

Her ears are ringing. But there's no blood, which is a good sign, and Katniss doesn't mind too much when she sees the Cornucopia begin to crumple like an old tin can.

"Thank you."

She means it, too. It's not often that she expresses such sentiments.


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