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State of the Me
Still in the process of moving, aka that horrible part where all the big stuff is moved and you keep going back to the old place for all the scattered crap -_- Exhausted and irritable as a result about 80% of the time. Had to drop some stuff I really would have liked not to (read: Jason’s last EP), but between the move and visiting my family, it just wasn’t happening. Trying to stay caught up, but it’s hard. And now, on to these clowns:

The Pilot | The Hunter | The Basketcase | The Vigilante | The Widow


Starbuck has nothing major in the works at present. She very much enjoyed being a dude, as she always does. Eying every hot island male but guarding her heart, she’s almost a return to season 1 Starbuck of late, with the obvious addition of motherhood. A little bit willfully oblivious to things in a way, b/c so much shit has gone down for her on the island, and she loves and misses so many people, it’s either keep things in her head light or go insane, at this point.

Watching over Neil as best she can, and all their girls. Will be opted in to this powers roulette, which, as I understand it, will be some assigned power? Hoping for something she can have fun with.

Requests: I don't usually do these, but hmm. Sawyer, Matt, Neil, Mace, Gwaine. Er...some ladeez to balance out this sausagefest.


Is a leetle behind where I'd like him to be, just due to overwhelming plottiness for all in the last month or so. Seven pups is a lot to play, at times, particularly during islandwide events, so to some degree all of mine are behind.

N E WAY. Needs to be brave and ask Faye out now that they TOTALLY BONED IN THE BATHYSPHERE. Currently receiving a pep talk from Neil, but it'd be awesomesauce if he got one from his boyz, too, namely Roger and Sam. Maybe Helen, too, unless she wouldn't want to XD Basically he feels super guilty when Angua's only been gone five 1/2 months, but Faye makes him feel ~alive~.

Still want to do the actual detox for him, but it feels...outdated in a way now. Ideally in his timeline it would have happened last month, but there was too much plot going on, and now it almost feels too late. Will ponder this. It would be played in a private post(s), so I guess goal number one is to see if anyone even would want to play it ಠ_ರೃ

Doubtful on Powers Roulette, but who knows.

Requests: Sammich, Neil, Roger, O-Ren, Faye, mebbe Spike S., Helen, mrr everyone.


Now promoted to mayor of Crazytown. Pretty pleased with her EP, moreso in the comment threads than the actual post itself. Glad I went with wanton destruction over quiet grieving. It very much suits her.

Am just realizing the phantom texts will be from Sirius, not Alan, after all. Hoping to accidentally become bffs with Snape for trollish justice. Weirdly I ship Sirius/Cassie quite a bit more passionately now that she thinks he's dead. Hurrah, tragically inclined pups.

Requests: Neil (god help us), Wolf, Skins pups, Olive, Helen, precious Liang, HP pups, bad influences~


Undergoing a bit of a sea change, which brings his grand total of sadbastard epiphanies to a completely gratuitous sum. Jason's always been a weird mix of incredibly jaded and totally innocent, far too experienced in violence and pain and not experienced enough in actual human relationships. Which means he's still incredibly vulnerable in the latter, and getting hurt a lot b/c of it.

I knew he missed Tim, but it didn't really hit me how fucking devastated he is until his birthday, and then omg the bleed. I had to write a post just to exorcise it, and it only half-worked. Blrgh. I wish I’d gotten more of it out in his EP, but then I hit the hiatus wall, and when I got back it was just too hard to go back to -_-

Though I haven't played him much due to slowtime/hiatusy things, he's not the same kid he's been thus far on the island. Much quieter, much more secretive and private, not violent or outwardly sad but withdrawn. I think he'll start playing with his explosives soon, not setting them off but making them better and more effective. More exercise in all his black little ninja arts he went around the world to learn. He's a little OCD in that planning things, even terrible things he never intends to actually do, makes him feel better. If he's in control, he can't get hurt.

Which leads me to his friends/family/romantic relationships, all of which will be colored by the above. Very little sneaking into Lux's window, particularly now that he's dead sure he's a negative force in her life, very little human interaction now that he's not in school, very little of his favorite pastime of stalking Bucky and/or Steve. Basically a significant reversion to his former creeper days, between his death and return as the Red Hood.

Mrr still wishing he'd gotten more play during age swap, stupid family trip. What little I got in was so much fun *_* And that wealth of cheer was definitely needed considering how awful he is in my head right now XD

Powers roulette: would be cool/awful if he ended up with some super destructive power >.>

Requests: Heroes and villains, sweet things to tempt him back again, people as volatile as he is. People with faces for punching (with reason).


Coming together nicely. I feel like she’s finally gelled in my head, which means she’ll get a lot more play with non-Marvel pups now. I don’t know why, but she had to find her feet there first, or I felt like a big poser. But now the day is mine >:E

I would say she’s fed up with all the frustrating men in her life, but I’m pretty sure she feels like this about 90% of the time, so it’s just another day in the life. Will be keeping an eye on Bucky and Matt in particular, also Steve and Jason, maybe Tony a bit from afar but the sight of his face makes her want to smash things. Wolverine she trusts to take care of himself XD Which leaves the girl Marvels, most of which she trusts to look after themselves, though she may do some creeping anyway.

Wants to gather all the young island girls to her ample bosom and teach them how to make stronger men eat pavement, if need be. Will def be signing up to teach classes when the time comes.

Going to start tagging her around randomly, too, just to see what/who sticks. If she makes casual enemies, she’s not really one to give a fuck XD

Powers roulette: doubt it, unless something supercool occurs to me.

Requests: All the Marvels, all the girls, all the people who’d piss her off, all the people she’d love. Whoo specifics~
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