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It's an odd thing to be upset about, coming home in the wee hours of the morning to find a light in the hut already on.

It's not like Bucky doesn't know he sneaks out most nights. And it's not like Jason doesn't know he knows, but still, he tries to do the things that will make Bucky respect him, still subconsciously afraid that he'll fuck it up somehow, that Bucky will decide what Bruce did and cut him loose, and Jason doesn't want to fucking go, not again. So he does dorky things like his homework, like going to some classes he'd really rather cut, like pretending he's not living in sin or whatever half the time with his girlfriend.

But if the light's on, the jig is up, and shit, what if Bucky actually wants to talk about it this time, what if this is it, and Jason slows to a halt on the front porch, heart hot and rising up in his throat.

Maybe he should lie. Pretend there's some bullshit emergency that called him away, but Bucky'd know. He should just go in. Be brave, at least, if he can't be good.

"Uh," he says, too loud in his nervousness when he shoves through the door, "hey, I just - "

Jason stops dead. Bucky's nowhere in sight, but in the lamplight Jason can see broken bits of furniture through his open door, and at the table, a woman Jason's never seen before.

That she's stunning doesn't give Jason even a moment's pause. Whatever gorgeous body she might possess is secondary to the fact that it's wrapped in nothing more than one of Bucky's shirts, that she's sitting at their table, drinking out of Bucky's cup, and there's every evidence of a fight.

Jason's a faster draw with his right hand than his left, but that doesn't stop the batarang from popping between his fingers in half the blink of an eye.

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At the table, Natalia observes his entry with interest, not moving when his hand flickers save for a tiny arch of her brow. That it's a weapon in his hand has not escaped her, but neither does her confidence that she can deflect it if need be.

"Hello," she says, unmoving, not even to take a sip of her water. That she could take this child does not also mean she wants to provoke him. "You must be Jason."

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While obvious in retrospect, it's only when Jason's voice cuts off, abruptly, that Bucky realizes the kid wouldn't take kindly to a stranger in their house, that the broken furniture could rightfully be taken as a sign of danger. Swearing under his breath, Bucky manages just to pull up his pants before he darts into the common area. He's wet, still, from a shower, and there's a looseness to his limbs that hasn't been there in a long time, but he moves, as always, like a ghost, quick and silent. With a critical eye, he takes in the scene: Natasha looking entirely nonplussed at the table, Jason looking like he's about to murder her at the door.

"Drop it," says Bucky in a tone that brooks no argument, his expression hard. That his girlfriend is in no real danger is besides the point; threats against her will never be greeted with understanding, regardless of their source, justified or not. "Now."
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"This is Natalia Romanova," says Bucky, brows shooting upwards, and he lifts his hands in a gesture that's meant to keep Jason from doing anything else so rashly. He has his doubts that it'll work. "We had a bit of a misunderstanding earlier, but everything's fine, now, alright? It'll even stay that way so long as you keep your weapons to yourself."

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The boy is abrupt. Rude, even, spouting questions that are far too personal, but there's a guilelessness there that has Natalia smiling despite it all, a nostalgia for Clint, no doubt, clouding her judgment.

"Fighting," she corrects. "I'm afraid there was a small case of mistaken identity during my arrival." Her legs are crossed chastely, but her ankles bob, a slight swing to them that suggests Natalia is enjoying herself. "Miles, James? Really?"

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"You've seen your legs," Bucky replies, almost sheepish as he chances a glance in her direction before returning his attention to Jason. Most of the time, it's easy enough to forget that Bucky's from an earlier era, but there are certain topics of discussion where some of his more antiquated tendencies shine through; a candid conversation regarding his sex life in mixed company is decidedly among them. He shifts his weight, awkwardly, and pushes a hand back through his hair, flecking his shoulders with water droplets.
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Contrary to popular opinion, Natalia only enjoys torturing evil men, and as James certainly doesn't fit the description, she shifts, tipping him a small but genuine smile. "I suppose I have."

Turning back to the boy, she notes that he's still lingering in the door and silently chides herself. This is his home, after all, and if her instincts are correct, he truly needs it. "I apologize for my sudden intrusion," she says. "Given the choice, I would have made my entrance in an entirely different manner."

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It's a damn good question, though one Bucky assumes whose answer to be no. They each had their own place back in the real world; he sees no reason for that to change, now, despite how good it is to see her again, legs and all. Even so, it's not a decision he wants to make unilaterally; they should probably discuss it first, even if he doesn't think there'll be much of a discussion.

"Kid, she showed up a couple hours ago, we'll save figuring out the living arrangements for later," says Bucky, on firmer ground, now, despite Jason's obvious panic. "This is your house, we've gone over this already."

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Your house. She's dissected the statement almost as soon as she's heard it, the spy in her too ingrained to leave any detail unexamined, and Natalia's gaze shifts between them. Desertion issues, then, and pronounced enough for James to both discern and remark on them freely. Jason is surely an orphan.

She could speak, but she remains silent. Better for them to work this particular issue out between them. Thrilled as she is at their reunion, Natalia doesn't need to dictate James' path to remain secure in his affection for her. That will be there regardless.

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The idea strikes even Bucky as naively quaint, and it takes everything in his power to not laugh at the idea outright; he's opened his doors to all of the Avengers in the past, but circumstances were such that it was necessary. Housing here is both free and in abundance; Natalia deserves her privacy, and it's not like they won't be seeing plenty of each other as it is.

"We'll figure it out later," says Bucky again. To Tasha, he adds, "It probably makes sense for you to stay here 'til we do, though. It's either here or the crash room in the Compound."
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Natalia is no princess. She's slept in ditches, in trenches and bunkers, slept in overcrowded, inhumane conditions and survived it all, but that doesn't mean she's eager to stay anywhere called a crash room.

"If it wouldn't be an intrusion," she says, watching Jason, "I'd prefer to stay here until everything is sorted." The situation is strange enough - she's not even had time to explore the island yet, let alone scout for future residences.
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She's not startled enough by his abruptness to show it, but it's a near thing. "Thank you," she replies evenly, "but I expect we'll be retiring soon." Natalia glances up at James. He needs to sleep, and while neither of them is likely to find it tonight by one distraction or another, it will do him good just to rest. "It's very late."

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"We should get to bed," Bucky agrees, though it's really just directed at Jason. If he carries on like this, they might need to have a chat about what is and isn't an appropriate question to be asking his girlfriend, but as it is, it's probably in everyone's best interest if they just part ways for what's left of the night. Padding over towards the table, Bucky extends his hand to Natalia to help her up, though it's not like she needs it, and then shoots Jason a glance that's far from impressed.

"Don't worry, we won't be breaking any more furniture."
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"I'll look into it," Bucky replies, rolling his eyes, though he won't be doing any such thing. He almost points out what that what he and Natalia used to do for a living demanded silence and that that was a transferable skill, but he bites back the quip.


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